Wise, strong, and enchanting.

Full of mature plum flavour, and the most beautiful aromatic notes.
Let it pamper your soul.

Plum is said to be the queen of all brandies. Golden as the Sun at its zenith, our Plum Brandy speaks of experience and tradition transformed into the most beautiful golden drops.


Clear, sensual and fragrant.

Pear is said to be a fragrant brandy.

Pure as the clearest stream, our Pear Brandy gives a gorgeous sweet aroma that sensually intoxicates all the senses. We were persistently looking for the perfect pears.

We found them among the trees of the famous plum variety “Villijamovka”.


Subtle, gentle, and daring.

It will seduce you with the sweet fruity taste of mature quinces and delicate woody aromas.

Quince is a noble brandy. Aromatic and full of authentic scents, our Quince Brandy reveals the most beautiful secrets that proudly carries in its sumptuous palette of perfect flavours.


Powerful, luxurious and unique.

Let it flow down your throat and introduce you to the most beautiful fragrant notes of juicy, crisp apricots bathed in the summer Sun.

Apricot is said to be a delicacy brandy. Light and drinkable, our Apricot Brandy brings experience and tradition preserved in every drop.