Welcome to our home.
Home of tradition and quality.
To become friends.
To make toasts.
To look into each other’s eyes and say ``CHEERS``.


When people say ``Brandy`` you will say ``Krneta``.

To feel the smell and taste of grandfather’s brandy full of rich green orchard flavor, traditional recipes kept in secret chests, a top team of brandy experts, and the most beautiful fruits that we have carefully chosen for you.

Driven by the strongest desire to always greet you as our dear guests, we have chosen the best fruits for our brandies.

We turned the hand-picked fruits with a lot of love, from the best brandy connoisseurs in the region, and the recipes of old masters, into a perfect harmony of flavors that you will always be happy to return to.

Family is our greatest treasure from which we draw the strongest energy.

We learn from our tradition and always return to its values. Quality is what we strive for and the only unit of business value known by our family distillery.

With state-of-the-art technologies, we push the boundaries and continuously innovate production processes.

Krneta brandy is not to be drunk, it is to be enjoyed.
Today and forever.


Love for nature and the urge for an escape from everyday life to the homeland of green Srem, rich in the land that produces the most beautiful fruits, have always attracted us with the desire to combine traditional and family values ​​and start our brandy production.

Listening to wise stories and learning the secrets of brandy manufacturing, we wanted to be a part of the extraordinary culture of this noble drink that is passed from generation to generation.

We wanted to leave an indelible mark and a priceless value to our children and their children, measured by the respect for tradition, hard work, great effort, and love for the old Serbian custom of distilling brandy.

Guided by this ideology, we started a family distillery and opened a new chapter in the brandy production, a favorite Serbian brand.

Saving no time, we patiently waited for our harvest. We wanted the best conditions, the highest quality equipment, and the most delicious fruits under our roof, as well as the top brandy experts in our team.

Finally, the long-awaited dream got its symbolism in the most beautiful flavors of brandy that, once tasted, can’t ever be forgotten.

The four most beautiful fruit varieties in a small family distillery turn into the best brandies of fantastic flavors that you enjoy, today and always.


Every glass of our fruit brandy will tell you a story. A story that only recognizes the top quality of the most beautiful fruits pieces in which passion, skills, and the best technologies are woven.

We want you to pause for a moment. Stop talking and thinking and let your senses bring you pictures of the most beautiful orchards and the scents of quince fruit, the most beautiful apricots, flawless pears, and blue plums bathed in the Sun.

To feel the quality and recognize the time we spent researching, only to offer you the best product.

We will give you tradition, skill, and dedication in every drop of our brandies, and you will reciprocate with trust that will be passed on for generations.


Driven by the love of brandy making, we bravely grab forward, investing the best of ourselves, the most beautiful pieces of fruits, expertise, and the most modern technology, in every drop of our brandy. We want to exceed the expectations of the best quality.

The goal we strive to is to soon present you with premium brandies which will be synonyms for unique aroma and top quality, in Serbia, and the world.

Authentic in their character and a unique symbiosis of flavours, we want our brandies to be your first and only choice because they are tailored to your taste buds, and have all the first-class assets you expect from a brandy, and more.

We want you to talk about our brandy to your friends, to proudly present it to your loved ones, and even far beyond the borders of our country, we want people to recognize our brandy as a symbol of the highest standard and a long-lasting pallet of flavours.

Believe us, Krneta brandy deserves it.


We have transformed the most beautiful fruits into promises of quality, tradition, and modern technologies.

Unique in their harmony of natural aromas and fruits that have enriched their special flavour, our brandies are proudly representing the best examples of the Serbian favourite drink.

To offer you a comprehensive experience, we have carefully thought out every detail so that every drop of our brandy has a story that you will be happy to pass on to others.